dscf1442We help you get more value from your tank at every stage of its life. From design to maintenance, from extending functionality to extending your tank’s useful life, PTTG specializes in helping you leverage this critical asset.

Customer needs come first! Each year, we manufacture and field-erect hundreds of above ground storage tanks. With ample material inventory, the most efficient tank fabrication shop in the country, and dozens of crews in the field, we have the flexibility to move quickly for our customers with immediate and ongoing storage tank needs. Our goal is to exceed all expectations with safety, quality, and service.

We have fabricated and erected thousands of welded steel tanks, including carbon steel and stainless steel structures for fire protection, potable/wastewater, power, chemical, petroleum, jet fuel, food processing, thermal energy storage (TES), cryogenic, pulp, paper, and bulk commodity storage.

Our technical experience extends to virtually any type of welded steel storage tanks, including fixed and floating roof designs. These tanks can be designed in accordance with the following standards: API 620, 650, NFPA-22, AWWA D-100, Factory Mutual, and any other applicable standards.

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