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Yes, this is Allstate Tower

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Structure & Integrity

We deliver better quality, a superior working experience, and greater lifetime value from our products and services, which enables our partners to think bigger, be bolder, and accomplish more than they ever have.

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group at a Glance

[icon icon=”fa fa-users” position=”icon-center” title=”FAMILY OWNED” url=”https://www.pttg.com/about/”]We’ve been a family owned company since 1919, always dedicated to doing the right things to build long-term value for our customers.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-globe” position=”icon-center” title=”GLOBAL PRESENCE” url=”https://www.pttg.com/global-presence/”]Precision, reliability and true partnership throughout even the most extreme projects has taken PTTG products and services into over 50 countries.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-umbrella” position=”icon-center” title=”SAFETY CULTURE” url=”https://www.pttg.com/about/#about-video”]We are certified Drug-Free and SHARP compliant by OSHA, with a deep cultural commitment to safety and professionalism in the workplace.[/icon]