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Aboveground storage tanks (AST) are used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications to hold everything from water to hazardous chemicals. ASTs are designed to provide reliable containment in indoor and outdoor conditions, including rain, wind, UV exposure, and wide temperature fluctuations.

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PTTG) is a leading provider of custom-manufactured tanks for a wide range of applications. Our comprehensive services include tank foundation design, storage tank fabrication, water tank fabrication, and more. Our seasoned designers and engineers know how to design a tank to meet the particular needs of nearly any industry, from chemical and petrochemical storage to fire protection and potable water processing.

PTTG’s storage tanks are available in many materials and designs and can be modified to meet even the most rigorous regulatory standards, including:

  • API 620
  • API 650
  • NFPA 22
  • AWWA D100
  • Factory Mutual

Storage Tank Design & Engineering

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As industry-leading steel tank fabricators, PTTG is dedicated to providing outstanding storage tank design and fabrication, from turnkey foundations to complete tank fabrication.

Our team of experts is fluent in API 650 and 620, AWWA D100, NFPA 22, and Factory Mutual standards, and we regularly participate in these associations to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We apply that knowledge to each tank design, with special attention to the particular needs of every tank.

We understand that time is as critical as quality, so you can expect a quick and accurate analysis of foundation loads, capacity, material, dimension calculations, and civil design specifications. These professionally engineered drawings and calculations will be submitted to you for your full approval before we begin laying the tank foundations.

Whether you require a standard storage tank design or highly specialized containment with internal floating roofs (IFR), pipe coils, and baffles, our experienced team has the design and engineering capabilities to ensure that you have the perfect aboveground tank for your application.

Tank Foundations & Installations

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Aboveground storage tanks offer a variety of benefits over their underground counterparts, but they also have their share of challenges. At PTTG, we pride ourselves on providing turnkey solutions to meet these challenges head-on. One of the primary challenges for aboveground tank installation is foundation design.

We understand that building sites don’t always have the best ground conditions for your tank foundation. PTTG’s engineers and design experts are experienced in developing unique foundations, including ringwalls, slabs, caissons, pad piers, driven piles, and more. Our team creates application-specific foundations consistent with all applicable codes and regulations. With highly-trained foundation crews on site for the entire installation process, we ensure quality installation from beginning to end.

Storage Tank Fabrication

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As one of North America’s leading storage tank fabricators, PTTG is committed to providing outstanding tanks to our customers in every industry. Our plant is specifically designed for optimal safety and efficiency throughout the tank fabrication process, with 24 overhead cranes and one of the largest paint rooms in the Midwest.

Our capabilities include CNC plasma cutting, rolling and forming materials up to 2 inches thick, shot blasting, and painting up to 120 feet by 90 feet. We fabricate tanks from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex 2205 and 2304, AL-6XN, and clad metals.

Premium Tank Fabrication by Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group

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At Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, we are dedicated to producing durable, high-quality aboveground storage tanks for our customers across North America. Our seasoned team of experts is well-versed in evolving industry standards and regulations. In addition, we maintain a staff of highly trained specialists capable of installing even the most complex foundations.

Our storage tank manufacturing facility features cutting-edge fabrication equipment, including a CNC plasma cutter, vertical Wheelabrator, sizable paint room, and 24 overhead cranes. We design and manufacture welded steel tanks from carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty alloys, and clad metals. Our additional services include regular tank maintenance, coating, lining, insulation, and re-insulation.

To learn more about our history, visit our About Us page. For more information about our tank fabrication capabilities, contact us to request a quote.