Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group manufactures, erects, inspects, maintains, and repairs hundreds of welded carbon steel tanks annually. Steel storage tanks are time-tested and dependable containers for a wide variety of products.  There are many reasons to invest in a steel storage tank but read on to discover the top five.

  1. Longevity: Do you know the lifespan of steel tanks? If a storage tank is reasonably maintained, it can last several decades. Several steel water tanks that are still in service have marked a centennial anniversary.  Imagine something practical like a vehicle or a stove or washer now?  Would you expect it to last decades and possibly even a century? Of course not.  But with a welded carbon steel tank, it very well could and should.
  2. Versatility: The industries that use welded carbon steel tanks are a diverse bunch. No matter the use, welded tanks can be designed to store many products ranging from water for potable use and fire protection, oil, chemicals, gases, and biofuels.  Pittsburg can design tanks according to AWWA D100-11 for general water storage, NFPA-22 for private fire protection, and NFPA-25 for public fire protection.  We can also design and built API-640 tanks for high-volume oil storage and API-620 tanks to store products that need low pressure.
  3. Durability: Okay, so, you know you need a storage tank, but why should it be welded carbon steel instead of another material? Carbon steel isn’t prone to cracking or leaking, unlike concrete or bolted tanks.  That means they are less likely to become contaminated.  Leaks and cracks are expensive to fix, so investing in a carbon steel tank can reduce some maintenance and repair costs that concrete or bolted tanks might need.
  4. Economical: Do you want some bang for your buck? Cheaper than stainless steel, carbon steel is a cost-effective material well-suited for water tanks and elevated towers. Sure, it’s not as cheap upfront to maintain as bolted tanks, but it’s less expensive in the long run. Bolted tanks are much more costly to repair. They are also much more likely to leak.  Comparatively, carbon steel welded tanks are less expensive to fix and should not leak if maintained.
  5. Strength: Steel is comprised of carbon and iron. Carbon steel is tough material made with a higher alloy concentration of carbon content compared to regular steel. It’s not unbreakable, but it’s stronger than your typical steel.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group For All of Your Tank Needs

So, you’re sold on buying a welded carbon steel tank, but let me tell you why Pittsburg is the best company to fulfill all your steel tank needs.

  1. History: We’ve been in the tank business a very long time – since 1919. Joseph Boyd McClelland and his family owned and operated the tank maintenance company out of Pittsburg, Kansas for many years.  In 1983, Don Johnston bought the company and moved it to Henderson, Kentucky, where it has grown into a full-service tank company.  PTTG currently staffs more than 350 employees, many of whom are seasoned tank veterans with a lot of industry knowledge and experience.
  2. Full-Service Tank Supplier: Pittsburg Tank designs, fabricates, erects, inspects, maintains, repairs, modifies, moves, and dismantles storage tanks. We can pretty much do it all as far as tanks go.  PTTG has three companies that pertain to tanks.  Pittsburg Maintenance Division can handle all of your maintenance, repair, inspections, and dismantling needs.  Pittsburg Ground Division can design, fabricate, and erect new carbon steel tanks.  LEC is our diving inspection company in Billings, Montana.  If you prefer a dive inspection to a robotic or dry inspection, LEC has you covered. Pittsburg Maintenance handles robotic in-service inspections and dry inspections that require draining the tanks.
  3. Variety: We can also manufacture and maintain a variety of tanks. We routinely build, inspect, paint and repair potable water, process, fire protection, and API tanks for municipalities and businesses.  We’ve also built cryogenic tanks.
  4. Global Reach: PTTG has completed jobs in all 50 states and more than 70 countries worldwide. Even in 2021, during the pandemic, we’ve still completed jobs in every state except Hawaii as of August. We will work with you wherever you are on the globe to make sure you get the best storage tank service possible.
  5. Customer Service: Pittsburg prides itself on its service. We are continuously seeking to build relationships with new customers and maintain good relations with existing clients. Most of our customers are repeat ones because we try to ensure good communication and follow through on each customer contact.