Some businesses only require a handful of people for sustainable success. Others need the close cooperation of a large, diverse group of professionals, each of whom specializes in his or her respective field. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group is one of the latter businesses.

Of course, customers and customer relationships are vitally important to ensuring the continued success of any business. A tank and tower company could never last without established client relationships and the support of satisfied customers. However, at the heart of every successful business, no matter how big or small, are its employees.

At Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, our employees are more than strangers who clock in to get the paycheck—they’re our company’s lifeblood. Our employees’ dedication to delivering exceptional work, day in and day out, keeps us in business. Our company is a big family, and we treat all of our employees as family members.

That’s how we’ve stayed in business for 100 years and counting! All employees know what their work requires, and we all perform our duties with one heart and one mind. The results speak for themselves.

Whether we’re building water tanks or maintaining cell phone towers, we rely on our diverse and experienced team to work closely together on each project, which helps us deliver the highest-quality service to our customers. But who makes up our team? What are their duties? And how can you join the PTTG family? We explore the folltank and tower careersowing questions in this post.

Creating the Right Team

Tank and tower construction and management is a multi-phase process that requires the services of many different individuals. Some of the critical phases of tank and tower management include:

  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Fabrication
  • Modification or repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Dismantling

Several positions are essential to the daily operations at Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group. Some of the most essential include:

  • Tower foreman: The tower foreman relies on a comprehensive knowledge of tower construction and maintenance to oversee field operations, perform quality inspections, and ensure that all crew members work in a safe manner. Tower foremen also liaise with customers and make recommendations as needed, and they’re responsible for keeping accurate records of onsite operations, including time sheets, safety records, and travel expense reports.
  • Tower climber: Tower climbers must be comfortable working at heights. These workers monitor structural integrity and perform repairs as necessary. Tower climbers must own a number of certifications before they’re allowed on the system, as their work requires an in-depth knowledge of electronics, rigging, system installation, and safety equipment.
  • Fitter/welder: Fitters and welders attach fabricated parts together according to engineering specifications. They may lay out the fabricated components; lift, move, or hold them; or clamp workpieces to tables, into jigs, or into position as directed. Fitters and welders also check assembled pieces for dimensional accuracy and correct quantity.
  • Tank technician/tower technician: Like tower climbers, tank and tower technicians must be comfortable working at heights. Their onsite duties include quality assurance, organizing regular safety analysis meetings, and ensuring that personnel works within safety guidelines. A tank or tower technician must thoroughly grasp all aspects of tank/tower maintenance procedures.
  • Engineer: Engineers design tanks and towers according to industry standards. They create detailed blueprints that serve as an accurate guide for the construction team. An engineer’s design meets specific customer needs while guaranteeing a safe and stable structure.
  • Maintenance technician: Maintenance technicians help ensure that the production of tank and tower components goes smoothly. They install, maintain, and repair all production equipment within the facility according to industry standards. Maintenance technicians must have detailed knowledge of the inner workings of their equipment, and they should be able to accurately diagnose mechanical issues and perform unscheduled or emergency repairs on faulty machinery as needed.

The Pittsburg Tank & Tower Family

Customers have come to expect excellence in quality and service from PTTG. But why do so many organizations trust our integrated tank and tower service solutions? Here are three reasons:

  • Proven quality: PTTG has a proven track record of delivering superior-quality systems. Our products and services add greater lifetime value to our clients’ equipment, and we provide all customers with a smooth and seamless working experience. These factors allow our business partners to accomplish feats that other tank and tower companies shy away from.
  • A century of experience: As we celebrate 100 years in business, we’re more determined than ever to be at the forefront of innovation in this field. Our century of experience means that we’ve tried and tested our methods countless times to ensure we’re working with the most efficient processes.
  • Dedicated professionals: Our employees are our greatest asset, and we make it a point to only bring hard-working, well-trained, and dedicated professionals into our company. Our customers trust us to do no less, and we trust our employees to expand our legacy in the years to come.

And just what is our legacy? We’ve achieved years of undisputed excellence in building and maintaining tanks, communication towers, and support systems. We provide quality service in the following areas:

  • Communication towers
  • Steel tower accessories
  • Storage tank maintenance
  • Storage tank design
  • Steel catwalks
  • Water tank painting
  • Steel tower support systems

Our Trusted Tank and Tower Services

For over 100 years, our diverse team of engineers, welders, technicians, foremen, and tower climbers has performed manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services for the following:

  • Communication towers: Certified tower technicians from Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group design, install, maintain, and inspect all types of towers, including guyed, partially guyed, additionally guyed, monopole, lattice, and stealth towers. Our team consists of structural engineers and tower designers with the technological tools, experience, and certifications needed to handle projects in a wide variety of environments. Whether we’re building a new tower or preventing corrosive water collection in an existing one, our team has you covered.
  • Storage tank maintenance: Pittsburg Tank & Tower’s maintenance wing delivers comprehensive maintenance solutions for storage tanks. We customize our approach to meet the needs of eactank and tower careersh client’s operation. We take comprehensive steps to ensure that our work meets or exceeds industries standards such as OSHA, AWWA, the Ten States Standards, and many others.
  • Storage tank design: Our experienced tank engineers work directly with clients to design tanks that meet their specifications. We efficiently design tanks for a wide range of uses, including water, fuel, and food storage.
  • Steel catwalks: Steel catwalk systems promote the optimal use of overhead space and help authorized personnel access various operational levels. We tailor our OSHA-compliant Allstate Tower, Inc., catwalks to each facility’s particular layout and each client’s specific requirements.
  • Water tank painting: Painting water tanks helps protect them from corrosive elements and increases their lifespans—and not to mention, enhances their aesthetic appeal. PTTG offers a wide variety of paint types and colors, and our experienced painters will ensure an even coat that will preserve your tank’s integrity in all conditions.
  • Steel tower support systems: PTTG has a long history of supplying construction companies with high-quality steel, and we will continue to help builders erect safe and stable structures that can stand the test of time.


Joining the PTTG Family

When Joseph Boyd McClelland founded Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group in 1919, there was no way for him to know how long his business would last or how successful it would become. 100 years later, PTTG remains a leading provider of tank and tower services around the globe.

Our employees love being part of the PTTG family, and they work hard to deliver the highest quality of work to our clients. In turn, our clients trust us to provide them with a wide variety of high-value tank and tower services.

If you’re interested in joining our family at PTTG, or if you want to learn more about the services we offer, visit our careers page or contact us today for more information