Design-Build Services

With engineering, drafting, and manufacturing personnel on the same team and under the same roof, collaboration ensures accuracy, enhances communication and allows for same-day solutions to be a common outcome.

Time efficiency becomes a natural result.

From conception to reality, we are able to add value and confidence to your project with better communication, shorter lead times, improved product quality and cost savings.

For more information about our tower services, contact us today. Our tower experts are ready to assist you.

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As a licensed engineering firm, we have all the resources needed from Ph.D’s to domestic and international licenses. Our team of structural engineers and tower designers have the software, experience and certifications required to handle any project, anywhere.

Our drafting experts utilize both standard and advanced CAD softwares to bring your projects to life. Our extensive software toolbox provides 2D and 3D capabilities to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your structure and to provide easy-to-follow installation instructions.

We understand the importance of a solid foundation. Our engineering team will work with clients, contractors and geotechnical engineers to develop cost effective solutions for your most challenging projects.

Our two modern facilities total 9 acres under one roof, centrally located in Henderson, KY on 32 acres of land. We have one plate shop and one structural shop that provide any need our customers require. We utilize ESAB and Pettinghaus CNC equipment to process structural steel and plate to specific tolerances and shapes, both bolted and welded.

Not many fabricators can say they are also a manufacturer. Our facility has 5 product lines to support manufacturing products that are normally erected by the end user.

  • ASTM 123 Hot-dipped Galvanized
  • FAA Standard Paint
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
  • Custom Finishing