Tower Installations

Our expert crews are trained and equipped to safely complete turnkey services for your site plan including site clearing, building access roads, installation of security fencing and foundations.

Cell tower installation is a vital part of expanding and supporting businesses in a variety of industries. Cell towers allow companies to increase their communications capabilities, offer more services to their clients and end-users, and implement new technologies.

From urban areas with minimal space to remote forested locations, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group provides tower installation and setup services for municipal and business purposes. Our team of experienced installers is qualified to design, complete, and maintain turnkey services for communications towers in almost any location.

The Mechanics of Tower Operations

Cell phone towers—often referred to as communication towers—contain a variety of equipment used to facilitate electronic communications. These structures are designed to receive and transmit voice, video, and other types of electronic communications via electromagnetic radio waves. This allows strong and reliable wireless communication across a broad area of land.

towers by PTTG

Each tower receives, translates, and transmits radio frequency (RF) energy from one mobile device to another. These can include:

  • The tower itself. This is the supporting structure that holds all other components in place. There are a number of different tower types, each best suited for particular locations or purposes.
  • Antennas. These devices pick up cellular signals in the area and send them to the other tower components.
  • Receivers. When the tower picks up a signal, it is channeled to the receiver for processing.
  • Control electronics. Processing equipment takes the signal from the receiver and uses a series of preprogrammed functions to decide where it goes next.
  • Transmitters. Once the signal has been identified, transmitters direct it towards its goal destination. This happens via a cellphone switching station, which works in a similar way to wired telephone exchanges.
  • Batteries, generators, and power packs. Additional power sources help boost tower strength, ensure continued operations in emergencies, and allow cell tower installation in remote areas where traditional power sources are scarce.

Other cell site materials, like tools and extra equipment, are often stored in secured cabinets within or near the structure. This makes it easier to perform maintenance and upgrades on the tower and the equipment it contains.

The structure of the tower itself also affects its ability to send and receive signals properly. There are several types of communication tower construction, including:

  • Lattice towers are flexible, yet strong enough to bear heavy loads.
  • Monopole towers consist of a single tube, usually made from steel or cement.
  • Guyed towers are cost-effective structures that require a large amount of land for their foundations.
  • Stealth towers blend in with their surroundings to preserve a location’s visual appeal.

By working with a tower installation company, businesses who want to expand their mobile capabilities can find the right tower construction and components to fit their needs.

Custom Tower Setup Services

Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group is a cell phone tower building company that helps businesses get the most out of their mobile communications infrastructure. Our crews have successfully completed a myriad of installation projects and types, including turnkey installations that reduce the burden on client resources while still providing superior communication capabilities.


Some of our services include:

  • Site clearing
  • Creation of access roads
  • Security fencing installation
  • Foundation building

We also furnish and install a range of equipment to facilitate consistent tower performance, such as:

  • Shelters
  • Generators
  • Propane tanks
  • Grounding and site utilities, including electrical current

We also offer site and civil installations when required. Our goal is providing a safe and efficient installation process that leaves your site clean and functional. Installation services include:

  • Foundation
  • Grounding plan
  • Civil work
  • Shelters
  • Stacking
  • Antennas and cox

Work With Our Experienced Tower Installation Team

Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group is a comprehensive tower installation and tower setup operation, providing comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end site clearance, installation, and ongoing maintenance services.

Communication towers increase your ability to meet you’re the needs and expectations of your mobile customers. Partner with Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group to expand your capabilities without straining available resources. Contact our representatives to discuss the details of your communication tower installation or construction needs today.

We install mat, pad, pier, driven piles, drilled caisson, auger cast foundations and geo-piers. We have the capabilities to install specialty foundations using rock anchors or helical anchors when required. Our crews have experience in difficult foundation installations involving rock removal, dewatering or abnormal soil conditions as specified by EIA TIA 222 standards.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with R56 grounding standards for any soil type and will verify that the installation meets the required specifications.

Site and Civil requirements including site grading, road installation, electrical, telco, fiber, fencing, concrete formwork, shelter placement, generator installation, LP tank placement, weed barrier and rock installation are additional services we offer for your project needs.

Allstate Tower, Inc. will work with all of the shelter manufacturers and routinely specs, orders and installs shelters.

Our crews are skilled at the art of stacking and erecting all types of guyed, self-supporting or monopole towers, both manufactured here at Allstate Tower and those manufactured elsewhere.  Our crews are equipped with P.E. designed gin-poles and modern winches to assure trouble free installation. Additionally, we can utilize cranes when possible and helicopters for specialized lifts. Upon stacking, we can install mounts, ice bridges, and other structural steel in accordance to specifications.

We offer complete antenna and line installation services with capabilities that include installation of panel antennas, omni directional antennas, standard dishes, high-performance dishes, FM Antennas, Yagis, HDTV antennas, and AM folded unipoles/detuning skirts. AST qualified technicians can install any type of heliax, rigid coax, cable downleads, RG cable, elliptical waveguide line that these antennas require. Line sweeping and testing services are also available.