Tower Steel and Accessories

Allstate Tower, part of Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, provides the communication and broadcast industries with the most reliable and economical materials and structures in the business.

We offer self-supporting, guyed towers, and monopoles, modification materials, and accessories to build, maintain, and reinforce their strength and longevity. Each part and piece is specifically engineered for the intended site location and surrounding terrain per the EIA/TIA-222 code and tailored to meet the specified loading. Our communication towers are available in solid leg and tubular leg designs.

  • Modification materials include split pipe, x-bracing, bridge stiffeners, U/V-bolts, and all other material types included in specifications. Our welders are certified to AWS-D1.1 and other requirements as outlined by customer.
  • Bolt together or welded sections provided as requested.
  • 6,9,12 and 15 hole clip-on waveguide ladder and internal/external climbing ladders.
  • Lighting packages available per any site requirements.
  • Full range of tower accessories available in stock from beacon, dish, and antenna mounting to lighting rod extension, ice bridges and shields.

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For more information about our tower services, contact us today. Our tower experts are ready to assist you.

From purchasing and engineering to fabricating tower steel and completing turnkey applications, our team exceeds expectations. Our products include stock towers known as our 4015 and 5015 series that come in 5’, 10’, and 20’ sections, and custom designs for difficult locations ranging in heights up to 500 feet.

Guyed towers are designed, fabricated and even erected on a turnkey basis – including foundations. Topo, guy radius, fall radius, and wind speeds are all considered to provide optimal solutions.

Our monopoles are custom designed for a variety of applications and markets. They are typically 16- or 18-sided tapered shafts or round, straight shaft poles that we outsource to minimize your cost. Our monopoles normally range from 30’ to 200’. We also offer a complete list of monopole accessories for your next new build or modification project.

We engineer and fabricate standard and custom components for the industry needs regarding structural modifications. We also fabricate to customer provided prints. We have a CWI and QAIC personnel who are involved in the process and provide on-time close out packages. We also have field technicians who can install the modification material.

  • Medium Intensity Strobe Systems
  • Red Incandescent Lighting Systems
  • High Intensity Strobe Systems
  • Medium Intensity Dual Systems
  • LEDs

  • Ice Shields – 2′ Model, 4′ Model, 6′ Model, 8′ Model
  • Side Arms – 3′ Model, 2′ Model, 6′ Model
  • Dish Mounts – Universal Dish Mount Assembly, Universal Dish Mount Assembly – Large, Straight Face
  • Mount Mounted Dish Mount, Tapered Face Mount Mounted Dish Mount, Light Duty Dish Mount
  • Sector Frames – Sector Mount Kit, 6 Pipe Kit, 12 Pipe Kit, Sector Mount Adapter
  • Custom Mounts – Pinwheel Mount
  • W/G Bridges – 5′ Model, 10′ Model, 1 Layer Hanger, 2 Layer Hanger, 3 Layer Hanger
  • W/G Ladders – Waveguide Ladder Kit
  • Climbing – Clip On Climbing Ladder, Step Bolts
  • Safety Climb Devices
  • Anti-Climb Devices – Anti Climb Model 1, Anti Climb Model 2
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts
  • Beacon Mounts – Universal Beacon Mount, Dual Beacon Mounts, Beacon Mount Extension
  • Torque Arms
  • Guy Pull-Off Lugs – Guy Model
  • Guy Insulators
  • Base Insulators
  • Strain Insulators
  • Lightning Rods/Extensions – 5′ Extension Model
  • Air Terminals
  • Lightning Dissipaters Systems
  • Grounding Materials – Guyed, Self-Supporting and Monopole
  • Modification Materials – Guyed, SS and Monopole
  • Water tank – corrals and coax management components