Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks

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Fire protection storage tanks are economical alternatives to upgrading extensive municipal lines to meet fire codes. Municipal, industrial, and commercial customers rely on these tanks to supply water in emergency fire situations. At Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, we use our 100 years of experience to manufacture high-performance steel fire protection tanks. We design, manufacture, insulate, and erect fire protection tanks to fit our customers’ precise water tank requirements.

Our carbon steel, stainless steel, and duplex steel tanks are ideal to store water for fire protection purposes. PTTG prioritizes the safety of our customers and their facilities, so we are proud to supply them with National Fire Protection

Association (NFPA) compliant fire protection solutions. Learn more about fire protection storage tanks for various applications and the maintenance services we offer to keep your equipment fully operational for years to come.


Fire Protection Storage Tanks for Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Applications

Fire protection storage tanks are crucial for buildings with inadequate water supply, which is critical for firefighting. The tanks store water that can be used for fire sprinkler systems and to connect with local fire departments in the event of an emergency. With our NFPA 22 approved water tanks, you’re guaranteed a reliable emergency water distribution solution that meets your local fire protection codes. Our fire protection tanks can cover distribution centers, warehouses, and commercial buildings like hotels, schools, and hospitals.


Fire Water Storage Tank Features

PTTG’s fire protection storage tanks have a capacity of 25,000 to 3.5 million gallons. Generally, the thickness of the tank corresponds to its capacity, so a high-capacity tank needs to have thicker steel walls than a low-capacity tank.
We insulate it with polyisocyanurate standing seam panels. Insulation is paired with a thermostat and immersion heater to maintain the water temperature at 40 °F. Very little exterior maintenance is necessary for heater-equipped panel-insulated tanks.
We can also rebuild old insulation systems in accordance with NFPA and Factory Mutual (FM) Global standards. Our skilled in-house engineers have domestic and international licenses, and they stay current with the latest design standards and structural engineering knowledge. PTTG designs fire protection tanks in compliance with the most current edition of:
  • NFPA 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection
  • FM Global standards
  • AWWA D-100
  • AWWA D-103

Water Storage Tank Maintenance Services

Water storage tank inspection can be either wet or dry. Wet assessment is conducted without emptying the tank, while dry inspection requires the customer to drain the water first. In both inspections, a licensed professional visually inspects from the bottom to the top. They check for steel thickness, corrosion, paint thickness, and coating adhesion levels.

With wet assessments, a disinfected diver or remote-operated vehicle inspects the tank. After every inspection, PTTG provides an electronic analysis of the robot’s findings. Inspections should occur every one to five years, depending on the storage tank’s application. PTTG also offers tank painting and leak fixing services to ensure your tank performs optimally throughout its lifespan.

Why Choose PTTG for Fire Water Storage Tanks

As North America’s leading full-service water storage tank provider, Pittsburg Tank & Tower can meet all your fire protection tank needs, from initial design to dismantling. If you have any questions about our fire water storage tanks or other services, our sales team is here to help. Contact us to request a quote or more information.