Steel Catwalks

Ensure structural integrity while optimizing space with steel catwalk construction. Safe and durable steel catwalks allow for expanded utilization of overhead space, creating walkways for maintenance and observation. Steel catwalks are a cost-effective solution that can be designed for any application with multiple flooring options.

Steel Catwalk Systems

Steel catwalk systems allow for maximum utilization of overhead space in a facility, providing access for various operational levels. Steel catwalks can be custom fabricated to fit the demands of specific applications and may be used for a range of purposes. In addition, utilizing overhead space for walkways means foot traffic at the ground level can be minimized, which can keep workers safely out of the way of heavy equipment as they move about your facility.

Catwalk installation can be integrated with a building’s circulation network and paired with OSHA-compliant ladders, lifts, stairs, and gantries, as well as safety gates and railing. OSHA-compliant steel catwalk systems meet structural and dimensional requirements, providing proper clearances for operations and equipment as well as safe access.

Our steel catwalk systems come in bolt together, welded, or factory-assembled configurations. Steel catwalks can be hung from the ceiling or by utilizing flooring or adjacent structures for stability. Our walk-thru and bottom box truss steel catwalks are constructed from ASTM A529-50 Grade 50 mill certified structural steel. Our handrail truss steel catwalks are fabricated from ASTM A-500 Dual Grade B & C mill certified structural steel box tubing.  Hot dipped galvanized, powder coated, painted, and GalvXtra rustic brown finishes are all available based on operational need and aesthetic preference.

All Allstate Tower, Inc. steel catwalks are OSHA compliant and meet all international building codes. Steel catwalks can also be containerized for shipping and international exports.

steel catwalksIndustries Using Steel Catwalks

Steel catwalks can be constructed specifically to suit a number of applications. Commonly used for observation, material handling, and accessibility for maintenance functions in a facility, custom catwalks systems are designed to meet your specifications.

Steel catwalks are commonly used in:

  • Schools
  • Correctional facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Military facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Commercial buildings

Complex facilities – such as manufacturing or industrial plants – often require an extensive network of pathways. Steel catwalks provide overhead walkway stability for access to materials and machinery, including tanks, silos, hoppers, sortation systems, and processing equipment. They may also be used as platforms & supports for conveyor systems.

Value Delivered by Steel Catwalk Installation

Steel catwalks deliver a range of functional value. Overhead walkways improve observation capabilities, free up floor space, and provide easy access to operational needs. They can also expand operation capabilities by supporting conveyor systems to move product and materials throughout a facility. Using a bolt-in assembly process cuts costs related to installation, shipment, and manufacturing, as well as other long-term and maintenance costs.

At Allstate Tower, Inc., we can custom design a steel catwalk system based on your facility’s unique requirements. See how our steel catwalks will work for you: Contact Allstate Tower, Inc. today.