Steel Support Tower Solutions

Steel support towers provide a structural support framework for personnel or equipment when carrying out procedures within a facility. Throughout any industrial field, they offer multiple advantages over other methods of structural support in many aspects, such as cost, versatility, safety, assembly speed, and maintenance requirements.

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Allstate Tower, a subsidiary of Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PTTG), provides world class steel tower fabrication services to global clients of all sizes.

Common Steel Support Towers and their Applications

  • Conveyor Towers

    Bulk material handling oftentimes requires using either large transfer belt systems or bucket elevator conveyor systems. Conveyor towers offer support to such material handling systems, providing proper conveying operation and ensuring the safe transfer of materials within a facility.

  • Personnel Access Towers

    Stair support towers, work platforms, elevator support towers, and manlift support towers all fall within the category of personnel access towers, which enable personnel access to key points within a facility. Moreover, they provide personnel protection and safety measures for risk-free work.

  • Communication Towers

    Steel towers are used in a wide array of broadcasting and telecommunication applications, providing support and worker access for single antennas, directional AM antenna arrays, and even cellular network towers. Fabrication of such towers requires strict manufacturer adherence to relevant industry guidelines in order to ensure compliance for each kind of communication tower built.

  • Tanks and Silos Support Towers

    For many tanks and silos used for storing bulk materials, the shape or operational requirements do not allow such a large container to be self-supported. In water towers, for example, the tank needs to be elevated. Another example would be silos with a cone-shaped bottom, which require support from steel towers in order to stand upright.

  • Processing Equipment Towers

    In many applications – such as drying of semi-solid goods or grains or chemical reaction processes using a fluid bed – the handling of materials in a vertical direction combined with a complex network of ducting or piping is required. Steel towers are built to provide support for such industrial equipment, enabling successful operation in many agricultural or chemical industry applications.

Support Systems Support Towers1Support Tower Fabrication

At Allstate Tower/PTTG, every support tower is first designed and simulated by a skilled team of engineers using best-in-class design and FEA engineering software. Every part of the design is then fabricated in-house, and all parts are afterwards transported to the construction site for assembly.

Parts instead of assemblies or sub-assemblies minimizes shipping costs—both domestically and internationally. On the construction site, teams of highly trained personnel assemble the parts in bolted or welded configurations.

Support Tower Benefits

Steel support structures are present throughout a variety of fields and applications because they offer multiple benefits that no other support method can rival. Some of these benefits include:

  • Steel support towers are versatile products for the amount of structural integrity and weight supporting capabilities they offer.
  • The steel construction industry has comprehensive regulations in effect, covering everything from manufacturing, to steel alloy grades/types, to using standardized structural welding parts. Regulations also cover overall design, construction, and inspection standards. This ensures that each steel support structure operates as designed and intended.
  • Support towers built from steel provide a long service life while requiring minimal upkeep.
  • Steel support towers typically include stairs or protected ladders with cages, handrails, and other necessary protective measures, ensuring safe personnel operation and reducing accident risk.
  • Steel tower structures are pre-designed and pre-fabricated in the manufacturing plant, leaving only assembly for the construction site. This results in faster construction and assembly, minimizes the possibility of human error during critical operations such as cutting and welding, and mitigates the risk of workplace accidents occurring at the customer’s building site.

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Allstate Tower/Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PTTG) has designed, constructed, and maintained metal structures for diverse industries of all sizes around the world. We are an AISC Certified Fabricator and adhere to a wide range of industry standards. Contact us today or request your quote to discover how we can provide you with effective custom solutions for all your steel towers fabrication needs.


  • Elevator support towers
  • Goal post towers
  • Stairs
  • Ladder/cage
  • Platforms
  • Elevator tie off brackets
  • Manlifts
  • Hoist Beams