Tank Dismantling

PTTG has experienced crews available to help when owners determine they no longer need their tanks and require them to be dismantled and removed, including scrap disposal and site cleanup.

We provide accurate and safe dismantles for guyed, self-supporting and monopole structures, smoke stacks and ground and elevated tanks. Our crews can also remove and dispose even the largest earth stations, support frames and posts, as required. We dismantle towers with gin-poles or cranes, and can execute specialized “controlled falls” when the surroundings are appropriate. Dismantled towers can be stacked at the site, or we can remove and dispose.

We have been involved with smoke stack demos for many years. Any size concrete, brick or steel smoke stack can be safely demolished by our fully trained, experienced and equipped field crews. Cranes, wrecking balls, falling, and piece-meal demolition may be performed depending on the area.

Our crews have experience dismantling terrestrial radio stations, known as earth stations, that are used for extraplanetary telecommunication with spacecrafts. Once they are decommissioned, we use the appropriate equipment to dismantle the structure and return the site to its original state.

Our second most popular type of dismantles are water tanks. This type of dismantle requires precision and expertise. Many times the tanks are in highly populated areas that require specific permitting and logistical execution.

To compliment any dismantle, our crews have the ability to do a complete site demolition and return the site to its original state.

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For more information about our tank dismantling process, contact us today. Our tank experts can assist you throughout the entire process to ensure the safe and efficient removal of your unwanted tank.