Field-Erected Storage Tanks

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What Are Field-Erected Storage Tanks?

As suggested by the name, field-erected storage tanks are storage tanks that are built at the customer site rather than pre-fabricated and shipped to the job site. 

Key Reasons for Field-Erected Tank Application

  • Most field erected storage tanks are very large and must be assembled at the job site. They can have a finished capacity of several million gallons, so they are simply too big to prefabricate and ship. 
  • Some field erected tanks are smaller, but still require on-site erection if the installation site is in a congested area or the tank needs to be assembled inside a building. 
  • They can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Field-erected tanks can be made from various construction materials to suit different storage applications and environments, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and duplex materials.
  • They are sustainable. Field-erected tanks made from steel are sustainable since the material is durable and recyclable.

Factors to Consider Regarding the Suitability of Field-Erected Storage Tanks

Are you trying to decide whether a field-erected storage tank is right for your next project? Consider the following factors: 

  • Tank size: The size of the tank influences how easy or hard it is to transport it to the installation site. If a tank is too long, too wide, or too tall, it may be too difficult to ship safely.
  • Destination: While large tanks can be built in shops, the cost of shipping them can be impractical for many project budgets. A more cost-efficient option is erecting them at the installation site.  
  • Site conditions: The layout of the installation site should be taken into account when planning a field-erected storage tank project as various elements (e.g., existing equipment or structures) can impede the installation of the tank. 
  • Schedule: Projects on a tight timeline may benefit from a field-erected storage tank as it can often be built faster than a shop-built one. 

Specifications for Field-Erected Tanks 

Once you’ve decided that a field-erected tank is right for your project, there are a number of specifications you need to determine, such as: 


  • Material: What is the construction material for the tank? Typical options are carbon steel and stainless steel. 
  • Services: What services are needed beyond on-site erection? Some projects require painting, coating, cathodic protection, or other tank modifications. 
  • Regulatory compliance: What specifications and standards does the tank need to meet? Examples include API-650, ASME, and AWWA.
  • Industry: For what industry is the tank being built? Each industry may come with unique requirements and restrictions that need to be followed. 
  • Quality assurance: What measures should be taken to ensure the quality of the finished tank? Tanks can be subjected to many different testing and evaluation processes to ensure their integrity and durability, such as leak testing, pressure testing, and certified welding inspection.

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Field-Erected Storage Tanks