Storage Tank Maintenance

Storage tanks and water towers require periodic inspections, cleanings, and maintenance to maintain proper water quality as well as longevity of the equipment. Depending on location, conditions, and type of tank or tower, inspections should be performed every one, three, or five years. Maintenance should be performed based on inspection findings. As a company with a culture focused on safety and customer satisfaction, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance knows the importance of staying up to date with OSHA, AWWA, the Ten States Standards, NFPA, TCEQ, FM, API, and many other codes.

Storage tank maintenance or water tower maintenance are essential services that extend the service life of your tank or water tower. When performed correctly and on a regular schedule, maintenance will keep your expenses low, reducing operating and replacement costs. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance performs all types of maintenance, working on tanks and towers of all styles, construction, and materials. Through storage tank maintenance, we are committed to improving safety and delivering customer satisfaction.

Storage Tank Maintenance & Water Tower Maintenance

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance Company provides comprehensive storage tank maintenance and water tower maintenance designed to meet the needs of your operation. Using methods approved through industry standards, our maintenance services deliver unmatched value to our clients. Our services include:

  • Inspection

Storage tank maintenance and inspections are performed either by dry inspection or via a remote vehicle. During a dry inspection, the tank is taken out of service and a qualified inspector verifies the tank’s integrity and identifies any non-compliance issues, which may include paint mil thickness, ultra-sonic testing for metal thickness, testing for the presence of lead in the paint and cross hatch testing for paint adhesion. In scenarios where dry inspection is impossible or unsuitable, a remote vehicle may be used for water storage tanks. A robotic submersible camera is lowered into the tank, working through the same criteria as a dry inspection, except the tank does not need to be taken out of service. Robotic cameras are very effective in water storage tanks, but cannot be used on an API tank. API tanks must be drained for internal inspections.

  • Cleaning

If a portable storage tank or water tower is taken out of service, it is cleaned and disinfected in alignment with AWWA-approved disinfection methods. If the tank is left in service, a specially-designed remote vehicle removes debris and sediment from within the tank which is disinfected prior to placement within the tank. For non-potable service, disinfection is not required.

  • Coatings

During an inspection, damage to the tank’s interior and exterior coatings may be present. This is due to the fact of being in a corrosive environment, volatile chemicals or exterior exposure to environmental elements. If damage is found, the correct solutions are implemented to provide the protection the tank needs based on its application.

  • Repairs

During storage tank maintenance and water tower maintenance, areas in need of repair are identified. Repair solutions are implemented to improve tank or tower performance, eliminate further damage, and extend equipment service life.

Importance of Storage Tank Maintenance

Storage tank maintenance and water tower maintenance are essential for protecting the performance and longevity of such equipment.

Regular inspection allows for the identification of existing and potential failures, so maintenance and repairs can be performed, limiting ongoing damage. Infiltrations allowing contamination, corrosion, delamination of coatings, and other tank or tower issues are corrected, improving tank or tower performance and reducing costs associated with performing more extensive repairs when inspections are overlooked.

Routine cleaning and storage tank maintenance reduces the risks that negatively impact water or other fluid quality, as well as the integrity of the tank. Bacterial growth and sediment build-up are minimized protecting the tank’s interior lining, reducing costs associated with recoating.

Overall, storage tank and water tower maintenance work to protect your equipment and keep it in service longer. Resolving tank issues as soon as possible eliminates costly repairs when damage becomes more significant and safeguards your water supply. Utilizing professional storage tank maintenance services is an important investment in your business, your equipment, and your bottom line.

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Keep your storage tank well maintained for improved performance and reduced costs. The team at Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group provides the professional storage tank maintenance and water tower maintenance services that boost efficiency and keep your equipment in service longer. Please contact us to learn more about how our services can benefit your business and equipment.

Regular inspections are mandatory and required at 1, 3 or 5-year intervals depending on the tank’s location and usage. Our detailed inspection reports identify any tank issues, as well as targeted solutions for your needs.

Dry Inspection: We verify the integrity of your tank, including any non-compliance issues, including ultra-sonic, mil thickness, lead check, and cross hatch testing.

Remote Vehicle: Performed by robotic submersible cameras and follow the same basic criteria as our dry inspections without taking the tank out of service.

Out of Service: Cleaned and disinfected using AWWA Disinfection Methods.

In Service: Our specially designed ROVs allow us to remove sediment and debris. All equipment utilized is disinfected in accordance with NSF 61 standards.

Interior Linings: From potable water to volatile chemicals, in any structure or environment, PTTG can provide the right lining for your tank.

Exterior Coatings: Protection isn’t the only concern when it comes to the exterior coating of your tank. PTTG also offers the ability to produce different aesthetics for your tank that will not just make it a piece of infrastructure, but an attractive landmark with the use of logos and multiple colors. 

No job is too small or too large for our repair crews. We specialize in anything from leak repairs to full container replacements.

Regardless of the challenge you face, our team will deliver the solution you need. From utilizing temporary tanks to ease the burden of having your tank out of service to raising, lowering, or relocating existing structures to meet your needs, we have nearly a century of experience in getting the job done right.  

Through the use of sacrificial anodes, we can offer protection that lasts years. Our passive cathodic protection systems rely on the placement of these sacrificial anodes that act as a proponent of an electrochemical cell which will deteriorate in lieu of the tank structure, prolonging its life. PTTG also offers an alternative style of cathodic protection known as “active” or impressed current cathodic protection. This cathodic protection system utilizes the same principle of the passive system, but has the anodes connected to a DC power source.

Our extended warranty program is a money saving investment that will allow you to get the most life out of your tank. With annual inspections, biannual clean outs, and scheduled maintenance, you will maximize returns on your capital investment. Warranties include annual inspections, scheduled maintenance, coating restoration, and various other benefits.

Water Storage Tank Maintanance