Water Tower & Water Tank Maintenance

Maintaining your water tower and water tank is essential for protecting the integrity of the structure and the reliability of its service. At Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, we prioritize safety and complete customer satisfaction by offering preventative water tower maintenance services.

Not only will regular maintenance extend the lifespan of the tower, but it can also save your organization repair and replacement costs, as well as other operational expenses. Our team has the experience and expertise to work with different water tower and water tank constructions throughout the United States and around the world.

Water Tower & Water Tank Maintenance

Water towers and water tanks require periodic inspections and cleaning to ensure proper water quality, as well as to preserve the longevity of the equipment. Depending on the location, conditions, and type of water tower, inspections should be performed every one, three, or five years. Maintenance is typically determined based on the inspection findings.

As a company with a culture focused on safety and customer satisfaction, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group stays up to date with guidelines from OSHA, AWWA, the Ten States Standards, NFPA, TCEQ, FM, API, and other regulating bodies.

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Water Tower Maintenance


A proactive inspection schedule is a core element of water tower maintenance. We can monitor and inspect your water tower to ensure the structure and components are in good condition and comply with safety standards. We also assess water tower interiors to identify conditions such as corrosion, sediment buildup, potential contaminants, and other safety concerns that can develop over time. We recommend having at least one annual inspection to comply with regulations and address problems right away, if they should arise.


Water towers need a protective exterior coating to avoid damage from UV radiation and exposure to the elements. Epoxy offers durable protection for water towers with potable water, and they also have lower amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to alternative coatings. Regular recoating treatments help keep towers in good repair.


Maintenance extends the lifespan of the water tower components and structure, but occasional repairs may prove essential to keep the system operational. We can repair shells and exterior covers, ladders and stairways, and other components.

Turnkey Services

Our turnkey services include comprehensive management plans for regular inspections, cleanings, and repairs. We can create a customized plan to meet your individual needs, avoid unscheduled downtime, and help your organization comply with safety regulations.

Why Water Tower & Water Tank Maintenance Matters

Water towers are critical parts of the water distribution system, but they often suffer from overly lax maintenance schedules and little oversight. Professional water tower maintenance lowers the probability of water quality violations, improves customer satisfaction, and limits service disruptions. It can also extend the lifespan of the equipment, lower operational costs, and reduce the potential for fines.

Invest in quality water tower maintenance solutions that offer the following essential services:

  • Regular inspections that alert owners to problems in the early stages of development, before those concerns escalate.
  • Coating and recoating treatments to protect the water tower from corrosion and the elements.
  • Regular maintenance services to keep the tower’s components performing optimally.
  • Prompt repairs that extend the tower’s lifespan and avoid premature replacement costs.
  • Cleaning processes to ensure water quality and cleanliness.

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Water tower maintenance is mandated by the public, but it’s also an investment in your organization and community. Contact our team at Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group today to learn more about our turnkey solutions and maintenance services. For over a century, we’ve offered high-quality water tank services our customers rely on. We’re honored to help keep towers efficient, safe, and clean, inside and out.