Water Tank Painting

Water tank painting is one of the best ways to protect and extend the life of your storage tanks. This is true not only for new storage tanks that have just been erected but also for older tanks that have been in service for many years. Regardless of their age, fresh paint can help to extend the life of a tank by protecting it from weather, pollutants, wind, and more.

Benefits of Tank Painting

Aside from protecting and beautifying your water tanks, storage tank and water tower painting helps you save on maintenance costs. In the case of steel tanks, using special protective coatings prevents these tanks from corroding, helping preserve their structural integrity. If a tank has already started corroding, repainting serves to arrest the corrosion process.

Painting regularly ensures the continued reliability of water tanks and helps to prevent the spreading of bacteria and other contaminants along with rusting and deterioration on the interior.  The painted surfaces of tanks can crack, peel, and flake due to degradation from ultraviolet rays and harsh weather conditions on the exterior.

Painting has an aesthetic value as well. New paint allows you to synchronize the look of the water tank with that of existing equipment or architecture in surrounding locations, and apply a logo, slogan, or other company branding on the tank. Water tank painting is ideal for all kinds of storage tanks, including:

Water Tank Painting

  • Above-ground municipal and private water tanks/towers
  • Chemical tanks
  • Bullet propane tanks
  • Ground storage oil tanks
  • Sewage and wastewater tanks

Process of Tank Painting (Surface Preparation)

While it may seem simple to just paint a tank yourself, due care must be taken during water tank painting. If proper procedures aren’t followed to prepare the tank for new paint, the storage tank might not benefit from the process at all. When Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PTTG) paints your storage tank, our tank painting process includes:

  1. PTTG provides a team of highly-skilled workers trained in proper water tank cleaning and painting techniques to ensure you get a quality, long-lasting paint job on the first try.
  2. OSHA-approved rigging will be used to reach all areas of the water tanks and water towers. Our painting teams are trained in safe usage of such rigging. Our focus on proper equipment and safety helps protect our crew and your employees from possible safety hazards, such as slips, trips, and falls.
  3. We use sand blasting and pressure washing technology to clean and remove bacteria, dirt, mold and mildew stains from the exterior and interior sides of water towers and water storage tanks. Failing to remove old paint or improper cleaning of the tank surface will result in reduced benefits from painting, and shorter life for the new coat of paint.
  4. PTTG will use the most efficient methods available to apply special coatings and chemicals to ensure a professional finish on your storage tanks. Our specialized equipment ensures that coatings are properly applied and meet required standards.

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Water tank painting is required to ensure the long life and structural stability of water tanks, water towers, and other storage tanks. The benefits water tower painting and storage tank painting can be fully realized by contracting the services of professionals trained in the fine art of water tank painting.

Founded in 1919, PTTG designs, builds, and maintains storage tanks, communication towers, and structural steel. We provide a full range of storage tank services, including tank design and engineering, fabrication, erection, insulation and re-insulation, maintenance, and storage tank painting and cleaning.

If you want to know more about how PTTG can help you with your storage tank needs, please contact us.