Chris Hunt, Allstate Tower Plant Manager

The Allstate tower shop stays busy fabricating cellular and broadcast towers along with steel structures used in the material handling business. “I was offered a position to help layout and set up equipment at the facility on Heilman Street about 10 years ago. Within a couple of years in the new location, my job grew into the position I now hold,” said Plant Manager Chris Hunt who oversees 37 floor employees in the Allstate Shop.

Chris has the responsibility of reviewing drawings and materials needed for upcoming jobs. After review, he does a follow up with the Assistant Plant Manager, Kevin Atwood , and the other floor employees. “When I began working here, we were basically a single-job shop, doing a job to completion. We rather quickly turned into a manufacturing facility where we now produce parts for up to 10 customers per day,” Chris said.

Levi Johnston and Kevin Atwood

Every morning begins with a safety meeting and covers a specific topic or safety questions and answers to a specific job. The safety program has come a long way over the years and it’s something Chris is very proud of.

The Allstate Tower shop produces a wide variety of products which include complete cell and broadcast towers, replacement parts for existing towers, and several products in the material handling line e.g. catwalks, platforms, stair systems, and other support systems.

In a typical day at the AST manufacturing facility you’ll find bolted and welded tower lines that produce legs and sections, two angle lines that produce materials for all our products and a beam line which drills various beams, channels and tubes. The one time “single-job shop” now ships out over 5.5 million pounds of steel per year.


Allstate Tower Shop employees

Chris entrusts his assistant, Kevin to supervise the shop floor activities and perform inspections on each line throughout the day. Kevin makes sure safety

procedures are being followed and jobs are running smoothly.   “ My supervisor allows/trusts my judgement and works with me on issues on the shop floor. Being able to work well with my supervisor makes it enjoyable to come to work,” Kevin said.

Chris added “I enjoy the people I work with and have made some life-long friends. But the best part is how the Johnston family makes us feel like part of their family. That’s first and foremost the best thing about working for Allstate Tower.”

We’re blessed to have great workers in the Allstate shop and look forward to continued growth in the future. This group works hard and displays a positive “can-do” work ethic. Thanks for being part of the PTTG family.