Our team of inspectors are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including laser range finders used to determine precise measurements and center of radiation levels, transits, tension-meters, digital dynamometers, UT equipment, Radman RF detectors, MEG test gear, tablets, digital cameras, and tablets with a web-based proprietary report software.

From regulatory and third-party inspections to entire site analysis, and from troubleshooting light systems to complete tower mapping, our team is experienced, equipped, and ready to provide the customized report you need to stay in compliance and maintain the loading necessary.

We now offer drone inspections with certified sUAS operators.

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Towers are visually inspected for compliance with applicable EIA/TIA, OSHA, and FAA/FCC requirements.

A structure analysis ensures the tower does not exceed its designed capacity. We utilize drawings provided by the customer or our inspectors perform a site visit to collect the required data – guy wire sizes, antenna loading, member sizes, etc. Our team of engineers can provide suggested modifications upon request.

Provides interior condition data of tubular towers to be used for an engineering analysis. Ultrasonic inspection reveals deficiencies that would not be found by a visual inspection. This technology allows for verification of metal thickness. This is critical on hollow tube structures to verify the current condition of the tower is as designed.

Sweep Testing is also known as VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) which tests the power reflected from an antenna. This type of testing is used to align, troubleshoot, or make sure the antenna satisfies the bandwidth requirements specified.

Advanced clamp-on ground resistance testers are used to measure earth/ground resistance in multiple loop installations without disconnecting the ground.

Post Modification/Third Party Inspection ensures a tower modification or “as built” site is installed in accordance to plans and specifications.

Our experienced inspection team can troubleshoot and repair all major brands of light systems including incandescent, LED and medium intensity strobe systems.

Detailed drawing showing coax size, type and location; antenna size, type and centerline height; type of antenna, guy wire pull-off/torque arm locations and lighting locations.