Design-Build Services

At Pittsburg Tank & Tower, we work to provide the best service on the market. Our customers have specific needs, and we work to provide fast, high-quality support system design and build services to meet the needs of customers across a wide array of verticals. We’ve spent 100 years helping our customers build and install a wide range of heavy steel equipment, tanks, towers, and other structures.

As part of Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, Allstate Tower’s design and engineering team work with millwrights, engineers, and owners to optimize design opportunities as system components are selected and integrated into the final design, saving pounds of steel and yards of concrete. Our specialties include steel support towers, goal posts towers, catwalks and walk thru trusses, superstructures, stairs, and work platforms.

Custom Designs

We optimize and customize support system designs as necessary to ensure the specific needs of your project and larger operation are met in the most cost-effective way possible. You have specific needs, and sometimes you know in advance that an out-of-box standard solution just won’t do. You need a solution that offers support while also saving time, money, and hassle.

Our highly educated, licensed engineers have access to extensive resources which enable them to provide you with error-free designs that are ready to build. Our drafting experts utilize advanced CAD solutions to bring projects off the page. With both 2D and 3D capabilities, we can assess the accuracy and safety of your structure design, and our experts can help you address any problems before building begins.

Support Services

Once the design is finalized, we offer a complete range of support throughout the construction or installation process. We back up each custom design with the staff, contractors, and engineering services necessary to turn the design into reality—on budget and on time. Our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective design and support solutions from start to finish.

Each project is supported by our two modern manufacturing facilities, which cover more than nine acres in Henderson, Kentucky. Between our dedicated plate shop and our structural shop, we have the means to construct a wide variety of components and parts to support any project. We process structural steel and plate on site to specific shapes and tolerances, both bolted and welded, with a long list of finishing options tailored to the needs of your specific application.

Finishing options for a custom design-build project may include:

  • ASTM 123 Hot-dipped galvanizing
  • FAA Standard Paint
  • Powder Coating and Custom Painting
  • Custom Finishing

Engineering, drafting, fabrication, manufacturing, and finishing all happen right here in-house at Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group. We’re proud of our facilities, our extensive capabilities, and our ability to bring high-quality service and support to all our customers around the world.

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Our team works with industrial, corporate, and municipal entities on a wide range of projects that serve an array of needs for our customers. We design and build steel support towers, goal posts, catwalks, walk-thru trusses, superstructures, stairs, and work platforms for just about any need.

To learn more about our design and build services, or our wide range of tanks, towers, steel support structures, and specialty products, please contact us.

As a licensed engineering firm, we have all the resources needed from Ph.D’s to domestic and international licenses. Our team of structural engineers and tower designers have the software, experience and certifications required to handle any project…anywhere.

Our drafting experts utilize both standard and advanced CAD softwares to bring your projects to life. Our extensive software toolbox provides 2D and 3D capabilities to ensure the accuracy of your structure and to provide easy-to-follow installation instructions.

We understand the importance of a solid foundation. Our engineering team will work with clients, contractors and geotechnical engineers to develop cost effective solutions for your most challenging projects.

Our two modern facilities total 9 acres under one roof centrally located in Henderson, KY on 32 acres of land. We have one plate shop and one structural shop that provide any need our customers require. We utilize ESAB and Pettinghaus CNC equipment to process structural steel and plate to specific tolerances and shapes, both bolted and welded.

We are proud of our manufacturing facilities. We take pride in our safety and quality. This comes with developing a business management system and safety culture that maximizes quality and safety that lays the platform for repeat business.

  • ASTM 123 Hot-dipped Galvanized
  • FAA Standard Paint
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
  • Custom Finishing