Storage Tank Insulation

insulation for storage tanks


As required for freeze protection or tanks with elevated temperatures.

Typical insulated tanks include:

  • Thermal energy and chilled water
  • Freeze protection for fire water
  • Heated tanks
  • Asphalt tanks

The type of insulation varies with the application but includes spray applied urethane, fiberglass, mineral wool, perlite, and rigid polyisocyanurate standing seam panel style.  Coupled with electric, steam, hot oil, or recirculation heaters, PTTG can meet any temperature requirements from low temp cryogenic tanks to API-650 Appendix M heated tanks.

PTTG has developed a low-cost electric immersion heater package for fire protection water tanks. Industrial gas fired boilers or steam heaters can also be installed depending on the product and application. All heater packages are installed by our trained technicians and crew members.